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New Jersey Indian Wedding Photographer

The most awarded New Jersey Indian Wedding Photographer - BESTPHOTOG

We DO NOT outsource our weddings.

We shoot only limited amount of weddings, not more than 10 to 12 in a year.

It is a husband and wife pair, Shilpa, my beautiful talented wife shoots along with me and captures beautiful memories.

We shoot exclusive high fashion editorial wedding imagery around the world.

Hight quality service, focused on Fashion, Passion and Emotions never before at an affordable price.

Please feel free to contact us when your event is more important than the cost of the event to photograph.

We are here to serve those who are looking for unique, high fashion portfolio wedding images which don't look ordinary.

New Jersey, New York, Los Angles and San Francisco are some of the places where we have our bases but we have traveled around the world and all over the USA to capture beautiful events.

Make a choice, Don't take a chance! .. It is your event, make the BEST of it!

Thank you

Shilpa and Sandeep

Beware - There are people who steal images from our site and other wedding photographers to show that they captured these images. make sure that you are talking to the "right" people.

We have seen and heard cases where there are photographers we offer cheap prices and by the end of the day, your wedding images are not the one you expected.

Please do us a favor, choose and look for the quality and don't fall into the trap of PRICE based cheap wedding photographers.

Contact us for more information, we have been serving in this industry for more than a decade.


High Fashion wedding editorial Photographer in New Jersey, New York, Los Angles and San Francisco.